For those of you who are totally new to the concept of sex toys might find this article quite informative, since it will provide you some useful knowledge on the types and best brands of these toys which are up for sale. If you are finding it hard to comfort your spouse or want to spice up your activities on bed sexual toys are the right answer to go about with. Ranging from classy vibrators to non-vibrating dildos all these adult toys are meant to provide the option of exploring the uncharted territory where we all have had fantasized in our teenage years.

There are a lot of innovative toys released every now and then but only a few promises to serve the purpose for which they are being brought home and are kept hidden from the common eye. Take the plunge and broaden your outlook.

Unbound Squish

If you are in search of non-harming vibrating sex toys to nurture your newly committed relationship then Squish is highly recommendable. It’s a product of feminist company Unbound and they are marked as a really soft and flexible vibrating tool. Though its look is nothing closer to the classic vibrating tools and it resembles a raindrop more closely from its appearance. When the Squish is being squeezed, the vibrating starts to get stronger and offers unimaginable pleasure to your partner.

We-Vibe Sync

This tool is developed by a Canadian company named We-Vibe who have enjoyed recent success with their 10th year in market. Though there are numerous versions of this classic C-shaped vibrator, its main essence has always remained the same. It can be worn simply with one end attached internally and the other protruding out in case of women. According to sex therapists, this device should be worn at the time of penetration in order to provide soothing sensations when it racks up the G-spot besides providing clit stimulations.

The angle can be adjusted with ease thus making it one of the most user-friendly sex toys out there. More in detail reviews check the Sex Toys Insights website. The settings can also be adjusted with the help of a separate app therefore it prevents the hesitation and worries related to manual adjustments and curbs down the necessity of pressing the right button.


If you are done using the classic c-vibes and is in search of more flexible sex toys then Mystery Vibe by Crescendo is right up the chart when it comes to answering your call. This tool is marketed as a unisex-universal vibrator which has a phallic shape in general. It can be bent with ease due to its flexibility which makes it penetrable in countless postures by keeping the sensations running wild.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Due

This tool has been marketed as the first “guybrator” and it certainly does justice to its tag. Developed by a London based sex toys company named Hot Octopuss, this tool blends of masturbating sleeves and cock rings for vibrations. It effectively helps in cupping the penis and starts oscillating from within near the frenulum which needless to say is one hell of a sensation spot.

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