I hope you appreciate the new format of our communication. Blog is something that you can put your heart in to and through power of words you can help people understand their sexual nature better.

Reasons why you should talk about sex with others:

  1. Openness training. Not everyone is open by nature. Sex talk primes your mind to be more open about things you are encountering in life. Specially uncomfortable things that you feel resistance to. It directly will improve your relations with people.
  2. Increased confidence. Talking about hard topics that you may or may not be judged for is key to expend your confidence. Sex talk can lead to harsh rejections in our life and knowledge of us be willing to go through this regardless of social consequences is the fuel for confidence that will keep it running.
  3. Knowing more. People like to know more. That is how we survived as a species for so long. The reason why we need to know more is that in subconscious mind we know for sure that knowing more is the key to grow in any area of our life and getting better outcomes in this area.

On the same token it will also be the reasons why you should stay tuned for more informational articles about sexuality that will appear on this website.

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